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Maya Villanueva, soprano / Syntonia Piano Quintet: Stéphanie Moraly, Thibault Noally, violins / Caroline Donin, viola / Patrick Langot, cello / Romain David, piano

(2018, Klarthe Records)

2018 is definitely Debussy's year! For their second opus, soprano Maya Villanueva, pianist Romain David and his partners from the Syntonia Quintet paid tribute to him with this double disc, anthology of melodies, music for piano and sonatas.


"The captivating voice of Maya Villanueva ends the Debussy part in style. Magnificent album." - Classical Music & Co


"From Night of Stars, we are immersed in a universe of harmonic shimmer to which the voice, at the same time sober and delicate of Maya Villanueva gives its charm without ostentation. Her excellent diction is precious for this repertoire." - ResMusica


"In a melody like Le Jet d'eau (Baudelaire), which is generally thought to be intended for more full-bodied voices, it shows great confidence and gives its interpretation a mysterious poetic aura that suits this music well literary"- Classica


"Very committed to painting each nuance of the musical verb, Maya Villanueva's gentle soprano cultivates a hushed, and even smooth as millimeter show. In this double collection, the singer knows how to find the right and sometimes intoxicated inflections in a succession of melodic pearls. The attention to words, the obvious curiosity to express each situation of the poem offer an eloquent vision on Debussyst writing: colorist, atmospheric even, without any mannerism or academic refinement." - Classiquenews


Debussy / Tôn Thât Tiêt

Debussy / Tôn Thât Tiêt

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