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Maya Villanueva, soprano

Emmanuelle Bertrand, cello

Ensemble Syntonia:

Stéphanie Moraly, violin

Patrick Langot, cello

Romain David, piano

(2020, Harmonia Mundi)

Inspired by the poetry of Dominique Lambert and Aimé Césaire, as by the sculptor Nito Dariel, Benoît Menut deploys in this first album for Harmonia Mundi an ode to the ocean and to nature: an invitation to a journey as contrasted as unprecedented, led by the united talents of the Ensemble Syntonia and two partners of choice!

"Quanta, on texts by Dominique Lambert, where the fresh soprano of Maya Villanueva blossoms to the liking of an instrumental accompaniment as labile as it is varied, which seems to extend the very harmonics of the poems"

Classica, June 2020

“Benoît Menut's masterpiece (...) Our great crush goes to soprano Maya Villanueva. She was certainly a mermaid in a previous life, her song is so haunting.”

Ouest France, June 2020

"The soprano Maya Villanueva is here the Ariadne who directs us. With her crystalline and penetrating voice, she offers advice on the elements which play through the haikus of the poet (...) A sublime album!"

CC Ryder (NL), June 2020

"Maya Villanueva does wonders in these melodies which are both clear and full of character."

Classical music & Co, June 2020




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